Virtual secretary’s office

Virtual secretary’s office is a service, which will increase the overall prestige of your company.

A worker of our Office will manage all your incoming calls when you are not able to communicate with others by yourself.

The service will create an impression that your company is well developed and that it hires a secretary or assistant.
On the other hand – the employed worker will not cost you about 2000 PLN plus insurance and other payments per month. The cost of the service depends on the number of incoming calls and starts from 249 PLN per month.

The solution is extremely beneficial for all individuals, who perform activities requiring them to switch off their mobiles temporarily, for example to participate in a meeting with a customer, to organize a training session or to travel abroad.
Topics of conversations, as well as contact data of the caller are recorded. Moreover, there is also a possibility to record the call by means of electronic devices and then sent it to you in a digital form. You can also take advantage of call redirecting service – it costs 0.39 PLN per minute.