Payment supervision

The service is available for customers having the constant service provision agreement concluded with the LTA BUSINESS CENTER L.L.C

Payment supervision covers activities aiming at monitoring of punctual receivables inflow. Supervision may be exercised for a chosen group of customers or particular set of transitions. It is based on performing undertakings, the main aim of which is to maintain of proper inflow of receivables (payments are requested to be made within the period specified on the invoice, but no longer than 30 days after the deadline). In the case of lack of payment, the LTA BUSINESS CENTER L.L.C initiates the amicable debt collection procedure.

Advantages of payment supervision

  • Increased stability, and profitability of the company, as well as possibility to enhance investment possibilities
  • Reduction of financial control-related costs
  • Quicker and regular receivables inflow, financial fluency improvement

Limitation of the amount of overdue payments.