New limited liability company registration procedure

If you are interested in registering new limited liability company, required legal and notary-related procedures may be performed in the following manner:

Meeting in the notary office in Lodz:

A meeting will be arranged with the notary, who is cooperating with our experts, in the office in Lodz. There is also a possibility to meet in the office of a notary chosen by our customers. During the appointed meeting, we will conduct all the required notary-related activities connected with registering a new company (conclusion of the foundation act), during which the members of the board will be appointed.

If you are interested, we may also prepare all the required documentation for the company to be registered in or accepted by the NCR, Tax Office, General Statistical Office, and Social Insurance Board. The documents will be properly collected and filled in by the day of the meeting. The documentation may be also presented to the court applicable for the company. Meeting in the notary office should take no longer than hour and a half.