Limited liability company purchasing procedure

If you are interested in purchasing limited liability company, required legal and notary-related procedures may be performed in two ways:

Meeting in the notary office in Lodz:

While choosing this option, a meeting will be arranged with the notary, who is cooperating with our experts, in the office in Lodz. There is also a possibility to meet in the office of a notary chosen by our customers. During the appointed meeting, we will conduct all the required notary-related activities connected with purchasing a company (conclusion of the shares  selling agreement and the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders protocol concerning the change of the company’s board)

If you are interested, we may also prepare all the required documentation for the company to be registered in or accepted by the NCR, Tax Office, General Statistical Office, and Social Insurance Board. The documents will be properly collected and filled in by the day of the meeting. The documentation may be also presented to the court applicable for the company. Meeting in the notary office should take no longer than an hour.

Remote purchase by means of the notarial power of attorney

It is also possible to purchase a company remotely after issuing the notarial power of attorney, making it possible for you to acquire the shares of the company and to organize the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders on behalf of new partner/partners, in order to make proper amendments (such as: change of the management, change of the name and seat of the company)

While choosing the remote purchasing option, all the required documents, including the company documentation will be sent via courier company. They may also be sent separately via e-mail.

In order to take advantage of such an option, it is obligatory to undertake a payment in advance, the amount of which is to be equal to the value of shares plus estimated notary fee.