Selling of companies

You can always purchase shares in a registered limited liability company, which has its own NCR, TIN, and NBRN numbers. Moreover, the company, the shares of which are sold, has VAT and VAT-EU payment methods available.

The aforementioned solution seems to be the best one, especially while you are willing to start conducting business activities the very day the company has been purchased.

Our offer includes selling registered companies, which can be managed right after the purchase.

  • The companies has individual NCR, TIN, and NBRN numbers, as well as VAT and VAT-UE registration documentation
  • After agreeing such purchase terms with our office, the company may have a separate bank account opened for chosen currencies (PLN, EUR or other) on the day of shares acquisition,
  • The offered companies have never been conducting any business activities, they hire no employees, and have no trade commitments. Such a state of affairs is notarized while selling the shares.

Our office issues a notarized statement that the companies have no commitments and obligations with regard to other parties.

Moreover, our range of operation also includes selling of formerly operating companies. In such a case, the enterprises have been obtaining incomes via conducting commercial or service provision-related activities. Purchase of such a firm will make it possible for the owner to apply for donations and loans.

Additionally, we may introduce all possible amendments concerning the legal status of the company, such as:

  • Change of company’s seat
  • Change of members of the board
  • Change of the initial capital
  • Modification of company’s status in the Statistical Classification of Products by Activity in the European Economic Community, etc.
  • Change of the representation method

While purchasing a company, our professionals may provide you with the current address of the Virtual Office in Lodz.