Lump sum

Companies, which are undertaking the payment of set lump sum may be interested in the provision of following services:

  • Keeping the revenue and expense records, as well as calculation of monthly/quarterly advance personal income tax payment
  • Issuing declarations for the Social Insurance Board and electronic funds transfer, filling in application and settlement forms, calculation of the payments to be undertaken for the chosen insurance,
  • VAT tax calculation, including keeping valid VAT records, and creation of monthly/quarterly VAT-7/ VAT-7K/ VAT-7D declarations
  • Creation of stock records, as well as records of fixed and intangible assets, creation of annual amortization schedules and undertaking annual amortization-related payments
  • Management of intra-community transactions and export/import of services and commodities, including: issuing VAT invoices, keeping valid VAT records, gathering monthly/quarterly data to create VAT-UE statements, management of entry papers
  • Annual tax settlement, creation of annual tax statements