Accounting services

Our customers can choose a wide number of accounting-related activities, such as:

  • records management in the SYMFONIA system designed by the Sage L.L.C.
  • Corporate Income Tax and Personal Income Tax settlements
  • Undertaking of payments required by the Social Insurance Board
  • Undertaking of payments required by the State Fund of Rehabilitation of Handicapped People
  • Creation of finance and management-oriented reports
  • Customer representation (while settling law matters with both the National Treasury and Social Insurance Board)
  • Creation of reports to be sent to the National Bank of Poland and the General Statistical Office
  • Issuing of Intrastat declarations
  • Records management for foreign individuals, who are registered as tax payers in Poland
  • Issuing of replacement employment contract, exercising accounting supervision
  • Serving the role of Head Accountants and/or Finance Directors
  • Recording due payments
  • Reproduction of company’s books
  • Verification of books of accounts