About us

Welcome to our website!

The main aim of our operation is to provide our Customers with effective and reliable support with regard to all problematic issues, which are connected with conducting business activities.

Thanks to acquired theoretical knowledge and long-lasting experience, we are able to offer you most optimal, comfortable, and dependable solutions, being adjusted to your needs and expectations connected with conducting business activities.

Our main fields of operation are:

  • Accounting office
  • Selling of companies
  • Virtual office
  • Vindication of debts

The accounting office may be considered a core of our company’s operation. Through the years of presence in the business, we have started cooperation with few dozens of companies, which have always been satisfied with the quality of our services, and they keep taking advantage of our accounting related-activities.

Performing accounting-oriented services is not only a way for earning for our living, but also a passion of individuals, who have been cooperating with us on regular basis.

Our services are characteristic due to their:

  • Professionalism of service execution
  • Comprehensiveness
  • Continuity of performance
  • Attractive pricing

The professionals employed in our company have been cooperating with enterprises, the field of offered services of which included, among others:

  • law-related services
  • industrial safety
  • soliciting
  • leasing
  • translation
  • banking

Our partners have been awarded with proper permits, and have proper qualifications to execute the offered services. What is more, they are always at your disposal.

Selling of limited liability companies aims at providing our customers with the possibility to start conducting business activities in the quickest manner possible.

The purchase of a limited liability company, which has been registered in the National Court Register, has TIN, National Business Registry number, and the main tax payment methods while operating which include VAT and VAT-UE, is a significant time-saver, as well as a real opportunity to focus on conducting business activities, without the necessity to undergo the tiring and long-lasting procedure of creation one’s own limited liability company.

The Virtual Office aims at decreasing costs connected with creating and exercising supervision over a stationary office and secretary’s office. The aforementioned solution is perfectly suited to the mobile manner of operation of modern companies.

Moreover, the range of our services also includes vindication of debts and encouraging contractors to undertake the payment of due expenses.


If you have an idea for a new business, just visit us and let us help you to formalize and optimize it.

Paulina Graczyk,
President of the Management Board